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May 10, 2016

So we begin ...

written by Museo Intiñan

The vivid stories nestle in our minds, are being dusted as divan empty house. The Site Museum Intiñan, save stories from the beginning, when passion, love and faith in God, were the great engine that replaced the lack of resources.

Carolina, try dusting those memories, to tell it was just a teenager, the first time he set foot in this place: “People came to the Middle of the World, and called their attention huts (original dating 1875), taking a little way back and reaching the sun’s path, we explained other things, other than what we do today. “

All family members had any specific task, lead, charge admission, public relations.

The attractions at the time, were the sundial, the gnomon, some models of the landmarks that make up “The path of the sun” (distance traveled and captured in a book by Prof. Humberto Vera, father of Fabian Vera, owner and museum director), from the Loma Punda Achil Cayambe volcano, to the hills of the Grim Reaper, where the sun dies, of course chichería and family hut. But at that time existed in this place two very special characters, Panchito and Lolita were two turtles who lived in the place and lived together in the best way with family and tourists.

After 3 years of operation, a new city administration in the Middle of the World, brought an unwanted guest, a great wall that put a dividing line impassable, and in large numbers dwindled the number of visitors.

“They did the wall, but left some holes in the form window, and I with my sister, we went to the place with some logs, and thus we helped the tourists to go through those small spaces. Many of them came attracted by curiosity to see the huts, which clearly observed from the viewpoint of the monument “.

It is Ma. Eugenia matriarch of this family, which says a fact that came to change that bad time.

“One day, a foreign gentleman appeared, had seen the huts from the top of the monument, and making a complete roundup of the wall, came up the driveway to the museum, I was doing the thousands of daily chores. He entered the museum, talked to us, made the journey, asked questions, and finally said, this is too cute to be hiding, I’ll help, I’ll send tourists. And so it was, as he from Europe, specifically the Netherlands, began to commend, talking with colleagues, and the museum grew in public, in infrastructure, commitment to tourism “…

To be continued…