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Totemic Forest

Roberto Saavedra, Juan Carlos Fernandez and the director of our museum Fabian Vera began this project in the late 90 ‘, whose main objective is to expose the most representative art of America and other continents on the Latitude 00º00’00 “in an effort to rescue and spread the culture of native peoples and their value as a component of the cultural heritage of humanity.

Currently the works are in the custody of the Site Museum Intiñan where cultural and interactive tradition in the area of the equator of more than 50 years, attracts hundreds and hundreds of visitors, diplomatic delegations and students from around the world, allowing for the route have the possibility of knowing the totemic forest without shade.

Web Roberto Saavedra

Works exposed

Apu Amaru
(1999) Representation of Latin American Indigenous Cultures “APU Amaru”
(2000) CHILE – Culture Mapuche “Rehue” – Category “TOTEM”
2002) ECUADOR – Valdivia Culture – Chorrera “GUALICHE” – Category “TOTEM”
Atlante de Tula
(2004) MEXICO – Culture Tolteca “THE ATLANTIS OF TULA” – Category “PILLARS SACRED”
(2007) USA, HAWAII – Maori Culture “TIKI” – Category “IMAGES OF GODS COVERS”
Jaguar craftsman
(2008) COLOMBIA – Culture St. Augustine “JAGUAR CRAFTSMAN” – Category: “IMAGES OF GODS COVERS”
(2011) CHILE – Culture Rapa Nui “MOAI” – Category “IMAGES OF GODS COVERS”
(2012) ARGENTINA – Culture Tafi del Valle “MENHIR” – Category “MENHIRES”
Megalithic sphere
(2013) COSTA RICA – Culture Diquís “SPHERE megalithic” – Category: “SPHERES megalithic”
Mercedes Antropolito
(2014) URUGUAY – Culture Sambaqui “MERCEDES ANTROPOLITO” – Category: “ANTROPOLITO”
Venus de Tacarigua
(2015) VENEZUELA – Culture Tacarigua “TACARIGUA VENUS” – Category: “IMAGES OF GODS COVERS”