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Latitude 00º00’00”

The anxiety of our visitors reaches its highest point when they welcome the Latitude 00º00’00 “in this outdoor area, you can put one foot in each hemisphere and also discover:


The stone gnomon or index of the four seasons, gives us the ability to mark, defining and understanding as the incidence of the sun affects agriculture.

Solar Watch

As the name says the sun is essential for the functioning of this clock, which has the particularity of work 6 months on one side and the other 6 months. Check if your clock is punctual !.


Instruction Examples


Coriolis Effect

A didactic example using a sink, give us the possibility to understand that this effect is controversial.

The Egg

Balancing an egg on the head of a nail, it is a complex task anywhere on the planet, but is facilitated when we are on the equator. You want to try ?, if you do, you will receive a certificate to brag. A test that is done in our museum over 20 years.


If you are suspected of drunk driving police will make you walk straight. If the test you did at Latitude 00º00’00 “but had not drunk, you would be considered drunk. Check it!.


Do you lose strength or resistance ?, lose either way our guides are the strongest in the world, and here you’ll know why.