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San Antonio de Pichincha, is a place that is written with golden letters in the history of both Ecuador and the world, because these roads passed the Yumbo following the Inti Ñan, as well as The Faces Quitu; many years later, here he passed the French geodesic mission, which among other things gave rise to the “metro” as part of the universal metric system. In 1936 Luis Tufiño also walked these roads while building the first equatorial historical monument in the middle of the world. My father, Professor Humberto Vera, walked up and down these streets when he discovered the immense beauty surrounding this valley, the valley of Lulumbamba; and that was how it was decided to paint the first line in the historical monument for tourists picture taken in the northern hemisphere and one in the south. For what I helped him getting dressed in those years with indigenous costumes to welcome foreign tourists. Together with Dr. Descalzi, Luciano Andrade Marin, and Misael Acosta equinox celebrate the feast of gold, countless times. But life moved us a few meters north where was born the Site Museum Intiñan (Camino del Sol), whose main objective is to rescue a new image of the existence of a geographical center of the ancient world view and ethnoecological habitat in the half or center of the world.