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Jun 7, 2016

Fernanfloo en Latitud 00º00’00”

written by Museo Intiñan

Every day there are hundreds and hundreds of visitors, who for various reasons or recommendations to latitude 00º00’00 come. “That’s why the gallery is known characters of all kinds, actors, singers, ambassadors, presidents, and looong etc . But today there is a new generation of personalities who are part of the 2.0 era, Fernanfloo is one of them, with nearly 13 million visitors is one of the most influential youtubers the continent … and he also resisted to the charms of Intiñan Site Museum.

With the children of tv, they made a live broadcast, and in less than half an hour, began arriving children and teenagers everywhere, to be photographed with them and ask for autographs.

We are confident that Fernanfloo can already say: Here … Vive La Cultura …

We leave the video